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· 10 min read

This blog introduces how to enable Cilium Container Network Interface with KubeEdge.

Why Cilium for KubeEdge

Cilium is the one of the most advanced and efficient container network interface plugin for Kubernetes, that provides network connectivity and security for containerized applications in Kubernetes clusters. It leverages eBPF (extended Berkeley Packet Filter) technology to implement networking and security policies at the Linux kernel level, allowing for high-performance data plane operations and fine-grained security controls.

And KubeEdge extends the cluster orchestration capability down to edge environments to provide unified cluster management and sophisticated edge specific features.

Enabling Cilium with KubeEdge allows us to take advantage of both benefits even for edge computing environments. We can deploy the application containers where EdgeCore running and bind Cilium to connect with workloads in the cloud infrastructure. This is because Cilium can also enable WireGuard VPN with transparent encryption of traffic between Cilium-managed endpoints.

Further more, we can also rely on Cilium Tetragon Security Observability and Runtime Enforcement to confine security risk and vulnerability in edge environment.