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KubeEdge v1.17 is live!

· 3 min read

KubeEdge v1.17 is now available! This latest release introduces several new features and enhancements, including support for edge pods using InClusterConfig to access the Kubernetes API server, video streaming data reporting in Mappers, auto-restarting for EdgeCore modules, and more.

1.17 What's New

Release Highlights

Support Edge Pods Using InClusterConfig to Access Kube-APIServer

The InClusterConfig mechanism enables cloud pods to directly access the Kubernetes API server. With this release, KubeEdge now supports edge pods using the InClusterConfig mechanism to access the Kube-APIServer directly, even when the edge and cloud are in different network environments.

Refer to the link for more details. (#5524, #5541)

Mapper Supports Video Streaming Data Reporting

Previously, Mappers could only process structured device data. In v1.17, video stream data processing features have been added to the Mapper-Framework.

  • Edge Camera Device Management

    v1.17 provides a built-in Mapper based on the Onvif protocol, which can manage Onvif network camera devices into the KubeEdge cluster and obtain the camera's authentication file and RTSP video stream.

  • Video Stream Data Processing

    Video stream data processing capabilities have been introduced to the Mapper-Framework data plane. The video stream reported by edge camera devices can be saved as frame files or video files.

Refer to the link for more details. (#5448, #5514, mappers-go/#127)

Support Auto-Restarting for Edge Modules

EdgeCore modules could previously fail to start due to non-configurable and recoverable matters like process start order issues. In v1.17, the BeeHive framework has been improved to support automatically restarting modules. Users can now configure EdgeCore modules to automatically restart instead of restarting the entire component.

Refer to the link for more details. (#5509, #5513)

Introduce keadm ctl Command to Support Pods Query and Restart at Edge

The new keadm ctl command has been introduced in v1.17, allowing users to query and restart pods on edge nodes when they are offline:

  • Query: keadm ctl get pod [flags]
  • Restart: keadm ctl restart pod [flags]

Refer to the link for more details. (#5504)

Keadm Enhancements

Several enhancements were made to the keadm installation tool:

  • Refactored the keadm init command
  • Changed the command keadm generate to keadm manifest
  • Added image-repository flag to keadm join to support customization
  • Split the keadm reset command into keadm reset cloud and keadm reset edge.

Refer to the link for more details. (#5317)

Add MySQL to Mapper Framework

The Mapper Framework data plane now includes MySQL database support in its pushMethod. When using MySQL, basic configuration parameters for the MySQL client need to be added in the DeviceInstance.

Refer to the link for more details. (#5376)

Upgrade Kubernetes Dependency to v1.28.6

The vendored Kubernetes version has been upgraded to v1.28.6, users are now able to use the latest features on both the cloud and edge side.

Refer to the link for more details. (#5412)

Important Steps before Upgrading

  • To use the InClusterConfig feature for edge pods, you need to enable the metaServer and dynamicController switches, and set featureGates.requireAuthorization=true in the CloudCore and EdgeCore configuration files.

  • To use the Auto-Restarting for Edge Modules feature, you must enable the moduleRestart feature gate in EdgeCore.

Download the v1.17.0 release from the release page and upgrade today to take advantage of these new capabilities!