Why KubeEdge?

Fully Open, scalable & portable Kubernetes based Edge Computing platform.

Fully Open

Both Edge Core and Cloud Core are open source.

Offline Mode

Edge can run even when disconnected from cloud.

Kubernetes Based

Node, Cluster, Application and Device Management.


Containerized; Microservice

Resource Optimized

Can run on low resources. Optimized usage of resource at the edge cloud.

Cross Platform

Cloud Agnostic; Can work in Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud.

Data & Analytics

Supports Data Management, Data Analytics Pipeline Engine.


Can support x86, ARM.

Simplified Development

SDK based Development for Device Addition, Application Deployments etc.

Easy Maintenance

Upgrade, Rollback, Monitoring, Alerts etc.

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在2023年1月18日发布的v1.13.0版本中,KubeEdge项目已达到SLSA L3等级(包括二进制和容器镜像构件),成为CNCF社区首个达到SLSA L3等级的项目


KubeEdge v1.4发布:边缘监控与设备管理迎来重大提升!

KubeEdge v1.3发布:大幅提升系统可维护性!

KubeEdge v1.2 现已发布

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Introducing KubeEdge, a Kubernetes native edge computing framework.