Why KubeEdge?

Fully Open, scalable & portable Kubernetes based Edge Computing platform.

Fully Open

Both Edge Core and Cloud Core are open source.

Offline Mode

Edge can run even when disconnected from cloud.

Kubernetes Based

Node, Cluster, Application and Device Management.


Containerized; Microservice

Resource Optimized

Can run on low resources. Optimized usage of resource at the edge cloud.

Cross Platform

Cloud Agnostic; Can work in Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud.

Data & Analytics

Supports Data Management, Data Analytics Pipeline Engine.


Can support x86, ARM.

Simplified Development

SDK based Development for Device Addition, Application Deployments etc.

Easy Maintenance

Upgrade, Rollback, Monitoring, Alerts etc.

Release Timeline

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June, 2019


KubeEdge v1.0.0 release

Features added

  • Edge mesh provides service mesh capabilities on the edge. Pod-to-pod communication on the same edge node or across edge nodes in the same subnet is supported. … Read more
  • CRI-compliant runtimes like containerd are supported at the edge. This enables edged to communicate with the runtime to manage containers running on resource constrained edge nodes.
  • Enhanced cloud and edge communication efficiency via QUIC, a UDP-based protocol. CloudHub supports both Websocket and QUIC protocol access at the same time. The edgehub can choose one of the protocols to access the cloudhub.
  • Modbus Mapper to connect and control devices that use Modbus(RTU/TCP) as a communication protocol.… Read more
  • Edge Site enables to run a standalone Kubernetes cluster at the edge along with KubeEdge to get full control and improve the offline scheduling capability. … Read more
May, 2019


KubeEdge v0.3.0 release

Features added

  • Device Management using CRDs feature mainly provides APIs for managing devices from cloud and synchronize the device updates between cloud and edge … Read more
  • Bluetooth Mapper application support which is used to connect and control devices that use bluetooth as a communication protocol.
  • Performance Test Framework to measure the performance against the Service Level Objectives like Latency, Throughput, Scalability, CPU Usage, Memory Usage etc … Read more
  • KubeEdge Installer support for basic commands like “kubeedge init”, “kubeedge join” and “kubeedge reset” to bootstrap and teardown both KubeEdge cloud and edge components … Read more
March, 2019


KubeEdge v0.2 release

Features added

  • Edge-controller which connects to Kubernetes api-server and sync node/pod status between edge and kubernetes api-server.
  • Cloudhub which is a websocket server in cloud part of kubeedge.
  • Internal MQTT mode in which MQTT broker is started with edge_core and removes dependency on external MQTT broker.
December, 2018


KubeEdge v0.1 release

Features supported

  • A lightweight application engine running on edge node for managing user’s application and monitoring node health.
  • Supports Kubernetes API primitives, e.g. Node, Pod, Configmap, Secrets etc.
  • Device twin and MQTT protocol for IoT devices talking to Edge node
  • Local self-government via HTTP restful interfaces.
  • Integrated with Huawei Cloud IEF service for node, device and application status updates.
  • Edge node autonomy when its getting offline and recover post reconnection to Cloud.

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