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· 9 min read
Vincent Lin

In July 2022, the KubeEdge community completed a third-party security audit of KubeEdge and released a paper on cloud native edge computing security threat analysis and protection. Based on the security threat model and audit suggestions, the community consistently strengthens the KubeEdge software supply chain. Now, we are excited to announce that KubeEdge v1.13.0 (including both binary and container image artifacts), released on January 18, 2023, achieves SLSA 3 compliance, first of its kind in the CNCF community.

Why Is SLSA 3 Compliance Important to KubeEdge

Software supply chain integrity attacks (unauthorized modification of software packages) have been increasing in the past three years. After KubeEdge reaches SLSA 3, the E2E security (from source code build to release) is hardened, preventing malicious tampering of binary and container image artifacts. Thanks to SLSA, we can enhance the integrity of software artifacts, against tampering or any type of unauthorized modification of the software or software package, and enable software to defend against common supply chain attacks.