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KubeEdge Partners

KubeEdge works with partners to create a strong, vibrant cloud native edge computing ecosystem. We have a list of KubeEdge Distributions, Hosted Platforms and Installers with deep experience helping enterprises successfully adopt KubeEdge. If your product belongs to any of these categories and you would like to join our community, you are welcome to add your product introduction to the list, helping KubeEdge users quickly find and learn about your offerings.

To add your product, please follow these steps below:

  1. Fork the kubeedge/website repository.

  2. Clone it locally with git clone<YOUR-GH-USERNAME>/website.git.

  3. Edit partners list in src/pages/partners/partners.mdx and write your product information in alphabetical order based on the organization/company name. You can refer to the following sample table for the format.

    The organization/company name which your product belongs toYour product name(optional) Description about your producthttps://myproductwebsite
  4. Save your changes in the file, then do git add -A and commit it using git commit -s -m "Add <MY Product> to partners".

  5. Push the commit with git push origin master.

  6. Open a Pull Request to kubeedge/website and a preview build will turn up.

Once you have completed the above steps, our team will review it. And if everything is in order, your product introduction will be added on the KubeEdge website.