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Code of Conduct

Please make sure to read and observe our Code of Conduct.

Community Expectations

KubeEdge is a community project driven by its community which strives to promote a healthy, friendly and productive environment. The goal of the community is to develop a cloud native edge computing platform built on top of Kubernetes to manage edge nodes and devices at scale and demonstrate resiliency, reliability in offline scenarios. To build a platform at such scale requires the support of a community with similar aspirations.

  • See Community Membership for a list of various community roles. With gradual contributions, one can move up in the chain.


  • Choose matched golang version and install:
Golang 1.11Golang 1.12Golang 1.13Golang 1.14
KubeEdge 1.2
KubeEdge 1.3
KubeEdge 1.4
KubeEdge HEAD (master)
  • Fork the repository on GitHub
  • Download the repository
  • Read this for more details